August 11th Owosso Speedway "The Big O 100"

Berlin Raceway 7/7/18

The show at the famed Berlin Raceway for the Lee Anderson Memorial is one that will be talked about for a long time.

The day started off with Terry Senneker as your fast qualifier. Terry won the previous 2 shows that the I-CAR Sweet Mfg. Main Event Outlaw Tour presented by Senneker Performance put on at Berlin.

A lucky fan got to draw the invert and that set the tone for the entire race.

Brian Tillema and Monte Tolan started on the front row of the 60 lap event and when chief starter Weo dropped the green, it was all Tolan out front. Tolan left the field very quickly as a little contact was made around the 5th position forcing the field to slow up a little bit. It wouldn't have mattered anyways as Monte was running some very fast laps in the clean air out front.

It appeared as though Tolan was going to run away with the win and not give anybody else a chance. That was until Andy Bozell unfortunately lost some fluid and caused a couple cars to spin down in turn 1 & 2. The cars involved didn't bring out the red flag but the fluid around the track in fact did. This changed the game of the entire race.

Before the caution came out, Terry Senneker and Tyler Roahrig found themselves in the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in less than 5 laps. Those 2 throttle mashers capitalized on the early contact and made their way around the cars the had to slow up. For 33 laps it was Tolan, Senneker, & Roahrig. The Rocket Tyler Roahrig was not giving Terry Senneker any slack as he was all but painting his bumper as they both tried to catch your leader, Monte Tolan.

The story book got re-written after the track dry got cleaned up and the cars resumed pace laps. As soon as the green dropped again with 27 laps remaining in the event, it was evident that the tires getting cooled down did Tolan no favors as Senneker and Roahrig blew by in less than a lap. Mike Root made his first appearance in the top 5 going from 8th to 3rd after the restart. This is where the race got even more fun & exciting to watch.

After the drivers got some heat back in their tires, it was flash back to the previous race at Berlin as we watched Tom Thomas start reeling in the leaders. Running 2 or even 3 tenths faster lap times for about 20 laps. It was apparent that Thomas was coming and he was coming fast. Thomas closed a 15 car length gap in about 6 laps. Getting to the tail of Tyler Roahrig. Unfortunately for Thomas, he used his tires up trying to catch them and just didn't have anything left with about 7 laps remaining.

Meanwhile as the packed grandstands watched Thomas pinching off unbelievable lap times while reeling in the leaders, Roahrig was giving Senneker absolutely all he could handle and then some for the remaining 27 laps. Trying him high, trying him low, Senneker made his car as wide as possible. They made slight contact a few times even forcing The Rocket down into the grass a couple of times in turn 4. These 2 guys put on a show for the lead the entire 2nd half of the race.

With about 3 laps to go it was evident that Rocket used his stuff up trying all he could do to get around Senneker. He lost a little bit of ground to the leader but only about 2 car lengths. Rocket gave it his best effort coming to the checkered off of 4 trying to get underneath Senneker but just wasn't able to get it done, allowing Senneker to win all 3 MEOT shows at Berlin Raceway.

In victory lane, Senneker noted that he has the utmost respect for Tyler Roahrig for racing him in a professional manner. This story doesn't even come close to being able to detail all of the battles for position on the track that day.

We would like to thank all of the fans who came out to support the Lee Anderson Family as well as the I-CAR Sweet MFG Main Event Outlaw Tour Presented by Senneker Performance.

We would also like to personally thank the Lee Anderson Family for allowing the MEOT to be a part of this special race.

The best Outlaw Super Late Models in the world run right here with the MEOT and we are thankful to each and every driver who came out to put on an amazing show for the fans.

There was a lot of action that took place not mentioned in this press release. If you want the full effect of the fastest Outlaws on the planet, we will see you at the track!

Terry Senneker

Tyler Roahrig

Tom Thomas

Mike Root

Monte Tolan

Brian Bergakker

Phil Bozell

Adam Terry

Brian Maxim

Brian Tillema

Dave Stehouwer

Trevor McCoy

Andy Bozell

Lee VanDyk

Chris Nash

Alan Marcott

*note Steve Needles was in attendance but had issues in practice.